Let us find another trail for your solutions!

AnotherTrail was founded in 2008 from Grenoble/France.

We are a team of architects, marketing, sales, business-development experts located in 7 countries over the EMEA region and the USA.

The key vision elements that drive our business day-to-day are 
 “Innovation” and “Simplicity”.

We innovate everyday
to create more value

Our lead Etienne Coulon is the co-founder of AnotherTrail. 
His experience in the Enterprise market and working for both large 
companies & Startups, combined with a strong passion for International 
business bring some unique value to finding and building new markets.

In order to maintain plus grow our competencies, we continuously:

-Participating in open-source groups
-Scout new technologies across the World (incl. USA, Israel)
-Listen from our Client-base to detect new needs
-Develop our understanding of new use-cases
-Speak and participate at major industry events and conferences

We invest time & resources in staying up-to-date on what the software Industry is producing, open-sourcing.

All clients have secure access to CRM based activity and regular account review facilities.

Nothing but business innovation

AnotherTrail brings Business development expertise
to identify a smart path to Sales using Partners, Eco-system experience, and end-user contacts.

We propose 3 approaches to Innovation:

Sales & Business Dev

For Startups: AnotherTrail scans and test your proposition against our network of End-users, SPs and SIs, to build sales momentum across EMEA. In addition, can we match you with other solutions to collectively solve end-user problems.

Connectors Program

For Startups: Sits below the Sales and BusDev Service and exposing your solution to known end-user requirements in isolation or as part of an eco-system approach to a problem.

Where to contact, hear and read from us?

Please consult our Blog, a great source of news and information!.